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$ 34.00 per Unit

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Whitney Luckenbill

TomKat Stitchery

“If sewing is something you are interested in doing…”

Hila Willing

Saturday Night Stitch

“if you would like to improve your tailoring skills, and pick up…”

Lisa Kisch

And Sew On

“Initially I honestly thought that would really gonna bother…” 

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What is the difference between the three payment options?

All three payment options contain the same 52 Master Class units from the Tailor Academy and conclude with an examination.

Each lesson focuses on a new garment, with the pattern available for download in all sizes. Professional video sewing instructions with tips and helpful bonus material are also included with each unit.

Only the payment method changes. All options come with a 6 week money back guarantee with no ifs or buts. We pass on the price advantage of the payment processor and the simplified administration directly to you, which is why the prices differ.

All participants have permanent access to all activated course content, during and after the course.