Master the art of tailoring from scratch!

★★★★★ 4.8 (1003 reviews)

The Professional Online Sewing Course

Utilize over 270 years of craftsmanship experience in a comprehensive training program.

Quick Success

Each learning unit ends with a tangible success that motivates you and improves your skills.

Learn from the Best

Stefan Wimmer, the experienced master tailor, brings classical craftsmanship right into your living room.

Top Quality Workmanship

For your own wardrobe, or high-quality clothing for your customers.

The Sewing Course for Creative Minds:

Professional and practical.

In-depth Expertise

Access precise video tutorials and insights into a renowned tailor shop in Salzburg. Stefan Wimmer pulls back the curtain to share all the tips & secrets accumulated over many generations in our family business.

Full Flexibility

Sew at your own pace; the course adapulates to you. Design your learning path flexibly and enjoy the freedom to learn from anywhere.

Supportive Community

Connect in our active sewing community with hundreds of enthusiasts. Expect professional support, great inspiration, and a friendly atmosphere.

The Masterclass, Made for You:

What You Will Sew

“At the Tailor Academy, we focus on practicality and place great emphasis on not only sharing our knowledge but also working on beautiful garments from the first hour that you will enjoy wearing.”

52 Units:

Each learning module results in a finished garment:

From dresses and skirts to jackets and evening wear, as well as professional men’s clothing and high-fashion.

Thousands of thrilled customers speak for themselves!

★★★★★ 4.8 Stars (1003 Reviews)

In the Masterclass, you can expect:

Detailed Video Instructions

We've ensured the recordings have steady camerawork, clear & simple instructions, and detailed close-ups, making it easy for you to follow along at home.

Commercial Patterns

Professional patterns in all sizes (32-52), available in A4 and for plotting (A0), which you can even use for commercial sewing. This allows you to build a valuable library of 52 basic patterns that you can modify to your liking and use for clients.

Personal Support

If you have questions, our professional tailoring team is just a message away, ready to help you personally ensure every seam is perfect.

Additionally, you will receive:

Access to a Great Community

Connect with hundreds of other participants in our supportive community.

Insights into a Real Tailor Shop

The expert tips and insights into the tailor shop are integrated right where you can apply them directly.

A Completion Diploma

At the end, you can take an exam and, upon successful completion, receive a diploma.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our life’s work that we fully stand behind your satisfaction. The Masterclass comes with a complete 6-week money-back guarantee, no ifs, ands, or buts. For any reason. And if you prefer, you can also pay for each unit individually, including the premium patterns, with no obligations.

Flexible Payment Plans

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★★★★★ 4.8 Stars (1003 Reviews)

Full Masterclass

52 Units
$ 1,397
  • Save 54%
  • One payment, biggest saving
  • 6 weeks full money back guarantee

Yearly Plan

26 Units
$ 797
  • Save 39%
  • Pay per year (2 total)
  • 6 weeks full money back guarantee

Unit by Unit​

1 Unit
$ 34
/ Unit
  • Save 32%
  • Pay per unit
  • Stop anytime, without notice period

★★★★★ 4.8 Stars (1003 Reviews)

Thousands of happy customers!

From Beginner to Professional

Our Masterclass is designed so that anyone can benefit from it, regardless of their level of experience. Are you a beginner? No problem, we’ll guide you step by step through the entire process, ensuring you fully understand the basics of sewing. Are you an experienced sewer or even a professional? You’ll still learn a lot, as our content is in-depth and packed with expert knowledge. With each unit, you expand your skills and perfect your techniques. Your journey from beginner to master starts here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Masterclass

Yes, after passing the exam, you receive a diploma that can be highly beneficial for job applications and serves as a quality assurance to clients in the studio, providing them with confidence.

The exam is optional and includes both a practical and a theoretical part.

Sewing Machine: A basic household sewing machine suffices to start. As you advance through the course and your sewing skills become more professional, you might realize your specific needs in a sewing machine and can upgrade to a higher-quality device that suits your preferences. We recommend visiting a specialty store for this.

Equipment: At the beginning of the Masterclass, you’ll receive all the tips for a great basic kit (scissors, needles, chalk, etc.), much of which you may already have at home.

Fabrics: You’ll get a materials list for each model beforehand, with fabric recommendations and quantity specifications. Choose high-quality fabrics for items you’ll wear often or on special occasions. For practice purposes, you can opt for more affordable fabrics.

A new unit is unlocked every two weeks, but you can complete them entirely at your own pace. All videos and patterns remain accessible even after you finish the course, so you can revisit them anytime.

Many participants have decades of experience sewing as a hobby or working as industrial seamstresses, and some even have their master certification and want to see how other tailor shops operate.

However, we also have successfully started thousands of complete beginners. You receive all the necessary information and tips at the beginning to start well (and affordably) and achieve great results from the first unit. Practice makes perfect.

This is a valid question, especially if you’ve been disappointed by online courses before. It’s not just about what 280 years of expertise and 9 generations of refined tailoring methods are worth.

It’s more about the value of consistently producing garments that succeed on the first try—made with a quality that astonishes our participants. Our participants value the many hours, materials, and frustration they save for the rest of their lives, as projects become easier and more successful.

See for yourself with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You get a full refund for six weeks, no questions asked.

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I'm happy to help!

Personal Words

“The Masterclass is not just a part of our life’s work and a testament to our heritage as a traditional business, but also an opportunity for craftsmanship to be passed on to the next generations. It would be a tremendous loss if this knowledge were to disappear in the future.

I look forward to you becoming part of this cultural heritage and welcoming you to the Masterclass soon.

Warm regards from Salzburg,

Owner of the Tailor Academy and Master Tailor

Video Reviews

★★★★★ 4.8 Stars (1003 Reviews)

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