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The Masterclass

Perfect your sewing skills in a unique online sewing course from a master of his craft

Stefan Wimmer is not just a master of his craft, he is a living tradition. The Wimmers have been tailoring for ten generations – and as the owner of the custom tailoring shop “Wimmer schneidert,” he has not only done an incredible 30,000 fittings over the decades, but also trains apprentices and masters in his business.

Together with his children, who actively support him, he now shares the 280-year-old knowledge of his family with you so that you can take your sewing skills to the next level. The Masterclass is a unique online sewing course that combines traditional tailoring with modern online pedagogy.

“Expertise since 1741 – in a practical online sewing course.”

Thousands of thrilled customers speak for themselves!

★★★★★ 4.8 Stars (965 Reviews)

A course that grows as you grow

We want to share our joy and passion for sewing. That’s why the Masterclass consists of 52 modular units that build on each other and are designed to gradually expand your sewing knowledge and improve your skills to expert level.

Every 14 days, a new unit is unlocked, allowing you to proceed through the course at your own pace. With each unit, you will create a new, high-quality garment according to your own ideas.

“A unique sewing experience that not only expands your wardrobe with many favorite pieces, but also enhances your skills with each piece.”

We guide you

With precise video instructions

We all know bad instructions. But while the IKEA shelf then (usually) succeeds, it can be very frustrating when sewing if you miss an important detail.

That’s why Stefan takes you by the hand in the Masterclass and guides you with detailed step-by-step video instructions and close-ups through the entire sewing process. You get a precise look at the techniques as you would see them from a master’s perspective. In addition, all the tips and tricks from our long practice that will make sewing easier for you.

And the advantage of an online course? You learn at your own pace. Every sequence, every technique and every stitch are shown to you exactly, so you see exactly how you need to proceed. And you can repeat, rewind and pause the videos as often as you want. So you learn comfortably from home and implement your knowledge whenever and however you want. Our participants love this content and the comfort of learning at their own pace.

Really good patterns

That fit really well

How frustrating is it when you get a great fabric and work passionately and lovingly on your sewing project… and in the end realize that the garment doesn’t really fit. That’s exactly why in the Tailor Academy you work only with highly professional patterns – just like the ones we use ourselves in our modern custom tailoring. First-class cuts in all sizes, which fit just very well.

And because every body is unique, we show you right from the start how to optimally adjust and cut the patterns to each figure – and deepen this knowledge throughout the Masterclass. This way, you get not just fitting, but custom-made pieces. The result is a beautiful garment that fits perfectly and makes you

In the Masterclass, you receive these professional patterns in all sizes (worth a total of USD 8,240) for printing (A4) and plotting (A0). But not only that, they may also be used for commercial sewing after the course. For perfect results, which are not only homemade, but made for you. In a quality that is hard to find elsewhere. Convince yourself, you will see the difference from the first unit.

The Pieces You'll Create

Each module is a finished piece of clothing. From dresses and skirts to jackets and menswear, followed by wedding attire and high fashion.

52 Units:

Compelling Details

The Masterclass, Made for You

Patterns that Fit - Perfection for Your Projects

Experience the difference of working with professional patterns like we use in our own tailor shop. From the beginning, learn how to adjust them for perfectly fitting garments. Create fashionable masterpieces that truly fit and flatter your body.

Learning from a Master of His Craft

You will be guided by Stefan Wimmer, a 9th generation master tailor, and his team of experienced tailors. They will impart to you their extensive technical knowledge, as well as tips and tricks acquired through decades of work in a premium tailoring shop. Through detailed video tutorials with close-ups, you will have the opportunity to observe and understand his precise techniques.

Practical Knowledge and Tips

From setting up your studio, choosing the right materials, to adjusting the patterns to your figure - this course has it all covered. You will learn how to sew professionally and frustration-free, to find even more joy in sewing. You won't be left alone with hard-to-understand patterns, but will receive detailed instructions and assistance, along with valuable professional tips from real-world practice, which are even a real "aha moment" for many master tailors.

Quality as if Bought

Our aim is not just to show you how to sew quality like in a shop, but to create perfectly fitting quality like only the best custom manufacturers can achieve today. And to work on fantastic favorite pieces with joy and ease, for which you will be admired by others.

Personal Support

In addition to the detailed course units, additional information, and bonus material, you will have access to our professional support team for the duration of the course. They can answer all your questions about your sewing project. And if things get really tricky, you may even hear from Stefan Wimmer himself, whose long experience always has a practical solution for you.

Active Sewing Community

In our internal community and Facebook group, you can connect with other sewing enthusiasts of all levels, share your progress, and be inspired by the creations of others. Our community is known for its positive and encouraging atmosphere, where beginners and advanced learners are equally welcome.

Patterns that Fit - Perfection for Your Projects

Experience the difference of working with professional patterns like we use in our own tailor shop. From the beginning, learn how to adjust them for perfectly fitting garments. Create fashionable masterpieces that truly fit and flatter your body.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer flexible payment options tailored to your needs. You can choose whether to pay per unit, annually, or in one lump sum for the entire Masterclass. All options come with a 6-week money-back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We love our participants. And we are just as convinced of the quality of our Masterclass as thousands of our participants. That’s why we offer you a 6-week money-back guarantee, no ifs and buts. And with periodic payment, participation can be easily paused or ended at any time without any notice period, and you still get full access to all already paid units.

Try the Masterclass without risk – so you can just start sewing and convince yourself whether it’s exactly the right thing for you.

Pricing Plan

Full Masterclass

52 Units
$ 1,797
  • 52 units / 2 years
  • premium patterns
  • many bonus videos
  • 6 week full money back guarantee

Unit by Unit​

1 Unit
$ 39
70 / Unit
  • Enjoy the flexibility
  • Same course, same certificates
  • Cancel anytime, without notice period

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From Beginner to Professional

Our Masterclass is designed so that anyone can benefit from it, regardless of their level of experience. Are you a beginner? No problem, we’ll guide you step by step through the entire process, ensuring you fully understand the basics of sewing. Are you an experienced sewer or even a professional? You’ll still learn a lot, as our content is in-depth and packed with expert knowledge. With each unit, you expand your skills and perfect your techniques. Your journey from beginner to master starts here.

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About Stefan Wimmer

With a craft tradition spanning nine generations, Stefan Wimmer proudly continues his family’s tailoring craft. In his custom tailoring studio “Wimmer schneidert” in Salzburg, Austria, he learned the 280-year-old knowledge from his father and grandfather, which he has deepened, refined, and expanded over the past 50 years.

Stefan has made it his mission to share this valuable knowledge with the world so that the art of tailoring, which he sees as the most beautiful craft in the world, can continue to live and thrive. His goal is to enable as many people as possible to bring beauty into the world by learning to create high-quality garments.

Together with his children, who are actively involved in the Tailor Academy and support him both technically and in marketing, Stefan creates an environment that not only teaches sewing but also celebrates it.

As a father of five children, Stefan looks forward to passing his business on to the next generation, which is already closely working with him. But before he does, he wants to share his knowledge and passion with you, so you can take your sewing craft to the next level.

Basic Course

Three enjoyable and instructive projects with step-by-step instructions
$ 97
  • 3 Full Units ($149,70)
  • Premium Patterns
  • Studio Setup ($19,90)
  • Body Measurement ($49,90)
  • Custom Fitting ($49,90)
  • 7-day Money-back Guarantee

Special Offer

Experience Tailor Academy's Basic Course

We’re incredibly proud of our sewing course, and to share our confidence, we’re giving you an unbeatable deal! Once you try, you’ll understand why nearly all our happy learners come back for more.

Join us on this exciting sewing adventure today!

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