The hands-on sewing masterclass for all levels, with genuine tailoring skills from the experts.

Professional training. Full flexibility. Outstanding results.

At Tailor Academy, we believe that being a tailor is the most wonderful profession in the world.

Professional training. Full flexibility. Outstanding results.

At the company headquarters of Wimmer schneidert in Salzburg, the humming and buzzing of sewing machines fills the air from dusk till dawn. We often notice our master tailors getting lost in their work, a subtle smile on their lips. We are reminded of the joy of sewing everyday.

We stem from a long line of master dressmakers with over 250 years of history. Our mission today is simple: to share that passion and expertise with as many people as possible.

For that to happen, we want to educate anyone who wants to learn to tailor, not just one or two apprentices who join our workshop every year.
So, we created Tailor Academy – a professional online sewing course for all levels, designed to share our expertise and knowledge of our craft with the world.

Genuine tailoring skills straight from the expert

Stefan Wimmer explains why we share our know-how in an online sewing class

When we first announced that we’d share our knowledge of the tailoring craft, the reactions ranged from curiosity to criticism, but for us, it was a question of ensuring the future of the trade.

As one of the oldest tailor’s shops in the world, we have collected generations’ worth of knowledge and practical experience, passing on this wealth of knowledge to our numerous award-winning apprentices, master tailors and designers over the years. But more often than not, we had to send away qualified and talented people because there are many more applicants than places available.

Thanks to Tailor Academy, the professional online sewing class for all levels, that limitation is now a thing of the past and thousands of people can now realise their dreams of acquiring professional dressmaking skills straight from the tailors workshop.

What to expect from the Sewing Masterclass

Learn professional tailoring skills. With Joy.

At Tailor Academy, we focus on practice, sharing useful knowledge, and instilling the joy of working with beautiful garments in all course participants. From the very first lesson, they receive the same information and insights we pass on to our own apprentices because we want them to feel the same joy and appreciation for the craft as we do.

What you’ll get in the masterclass:

The pieces you will create

At the Tailor Academy, we focus on practical experience, knowledge and creating beautiful pieces.
In our first unit, we’ll show you how to make a simple and elegant summer dress. You can progress at your own pace, and get ready to move onto your next piece when you’re ready.

With real expert advice from an established master tailor and insights into the beautiful business of tailoring, Our customer success team is also always by your side and available to answer your questions and help you along the way.

Each module is a finished piece of clothing. From dresses and skirts to jackets and evening dresses, followed by menswear, wedding attire and high fashion.

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The course from the real master tailor

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$ 1,297 USD one time

What is the difference?

Only the payment method changes. We pass on the price advantage of the payment processor and simplified administration directly to you. All three payment options contain the same 52 Master Class units from the Tailor Academy and conclude with an examination.

Every 14 days a new unit is unlocked. Each lesson focuses on a new garment, with the pattern available for download in all sizes. Professional video sewing instructions with tips and helpful bonus material are also included with each unit.

All participants have permanent access to all activated course content, during and after the course.

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The course includes a total of 52 practice-oriented, expert-led video tutorials complete with step-by-step instructions. Premium sewing patterns in all sizes worth over $ 9,700 are included to download for free.

This masterclass is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. From the very beginning, participants will create wearable pieces that increase in difficulty with every unit. In the videos, they follow detailed instructions from Stefan Wimmer as he creates every piece step by step. 

The units come complete with background knowledge, material lists, and important tips and tricks for clean and effective working. 

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