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Sew the "Flora" summer dress.

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About Stefan Wimmer

With a craft tradition spanning nine generations, Stefan Wimmer proudly continues his family’s tailoring craft. In his custom tailoring studio “Wimmer schneidert” in Salzburg, Austria, he learned the 280-year-old knowledge from his father and grandfather, which he has deepened, refined, and expanded over the past 50 years.

Stefan has made it his mission to share this valuable knowledge with the world so that the art of tailoring, which he sees as the most beautiful craft in the world, can continue to live and thrive. His goal is to enable as many people as possible to bring beauty into the world by learning to create high-quality garments.

Together with his children, who are actively involved in the Tailor Academy and support him both technically and in marketing, Stefan creates an environment that not only teaches sewing but also celebrates it.

As a father of five children, Stefan looks forward to passing his business on to the next generation, which is already closely working with him. But before he does, he wants to share his knowledge and passion with you, so you can take your sewing craft to the next level.

Free Tutorial

Summer Dress "Flora"

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