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The Pieces You'll Create

Each module is a finished piece of clothing. From dresses and skirts to jackets and menswear, followed by wedding attire and high fashion.

At the Tailor Academy, we focus on practical experience, knowledge and creating beautiful pieces.
You can progress at your own pace, and get ready to move onto your next piece when you’re ready.

With real expert advice from an established master tailor and insights into the beautiful business of tailoring, Our customer success team is also always by your side and available to answer your questions and help you along the way.

Basic Course

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3 Units


+ Bonus: Studio Setup ($19,90)
+ Bonus: Body Measurement ($49,90)
+ Bonus: Custom Fitting ($49,90)

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8 Units
$ 279 $568
  • all from Basic
  • + incl. "Fabric Knowledge" ($49)


26 Units
$ 897 $ 1 666
  • all from Basic
  • all from Advanced
  • + incl. "Cut & Fitting I" ($99)
  • + incl. "Cut & Fitting II" ($99)


52 Units
$ 1797 $ 3064
  • all from Basic
  • all from Advanced
  • all from Professional
  • + incl. "Cut & Fitting III" ($99)

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Tailor Academy | Wimmer schneidert

dressmaking expertise since 1741

As a ninth generation tailor, Stefan Wimmer is the current head of  Wimmer schneidert, a venerable tailoring company known for its high quality custom clothing and excellence in vocational training. The Austrian “Apprentice of the Year” award and title of National Champion regularly go to students of Wimmer schneidert. With the Tailor Academy online course, Stefan Wimmer makes his knowledge available to the world.

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Our Apprentices' Successes


“”Practice makes perfect. And of course the many expert tips help.”
Vinzenz W.

Apprentice of the year award for the team of Wimmer schneidert
1st place Apprentice Competition

We and the entire company congratulate our son Vinzenz Wimmer (10th generation) on 1st place in the national apprentice competition as well as on his excellent success in the final certificate.

The Wimmer schneidert team celebrating apprentice's success
Excellent success

Theresa Leitner has successfully passed the journeyman’s exams for women’s and men’s dressmakers and received an award for her achievements. The entire Wimmer schneidert team commends her for this great success!


“Thanks for the great training!”
Theresa L.


“With a practice-oriented training you have a clear advantage when the craft is evaluated”
Lisa R.

Award ceremony for SkillsAustria success
State Champion

Lisa Rasser was named national champion at the AustrianSkills competition 2018! AustrianSkills is a challenging multi-day event where participants have to prove their skills and dexterity. The entire Wimmer team is proud of our winner!

Apprentice of the year award ceremony
Apprentice Of The Year

Leonhard was named apprentice of the year, seen here at the award ceremony with Governor Wilfred Haslauer and WKS Vice President Peter Genser. He is now a women’s dressmaker, a men’s dressmaker and a “Säckler” (a maker of leather clothing).


“Thank you for introducing me to tailoring.”
Leonhard W.


“I really learned a lot. Thanks for the training!”
Gregor Q.

Success for Wimmer schneidert apprentices in tailoring competition
Two excellent successes

Two excellent successes in the final apprenticeship exams for Michaela and Gregor in 2020. The entire Wimmer team is doubly proud of their excellent performances!

Course Content
Curriculum FAQs

Free sewing instructions for small gifts

Pin cushion

What does every tailor and dressmaker need? Exactly! Here is a simple sewing instruction with pattern.

Machine tension

Learn in three videos how to set the sewing machine and overlock perfectly.